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Address: 2819 Mead Ave St. Cloud, FL 34771 Telephone: (352) 335-1701

About Saisijin Biotech

Saisijin Biotech is a biomaterials company engaging in the research, creation, and commercialization of biomaterial products for the scientific, academic and biotechnology communities.

Based in Gainesville, FL, Saisijin Biotech is the leader in identifying and utilizing unique applications for capillary alginate gel scaffolds.  Its current CapGel products are apart of a revolutionary new family or hydrogel biomaterial tissue scaffolds. The products can be used as:

3D Cell Culture Matrices

Injectable Tissue Scaffolds

Injectable Cell Delivery System

Dr. Bradley Jay Willenberg

Dr. Bradley Jay Willenberg, PhD has over ten years of experience in the fields of biomaterials and tissue engineering.  He also has an extensive background in biology, biochemistry and synthetic organic chemistry. As primary developer and inventor of capillary-alginate biomaterials, Dr. Willenberg is the world’s expert on the technology.  He is one of Saisijin’s co-founders and current Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

James M. Krol

James Krol has over 15 years of experience in all aspects of marketing communications, including sales, media relations, public affairs, events, and organizational management. From Fortune 500s and pre-IPO start-ups, to Presidential political campaigns and the Executive branch of federal government, he has counseled seasoned executives and led teams from organizations of all sizes developing strategic plans that move the meter on organizational objectives.