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Two Variations for Your Cell Adhesion Needs

Gel formulations can support the growth of adhesion-independent or dependent cell types.


Supports the growth of adhesion-independent cell types like many stem cell and cancer cell lines and could serve as serve as an injectable platform for stem/progenitor cell delivery.


CapGel-GT enables the 3D culture of adhesion dependent cell types and could be used to engineer tissues like nerve and bone. It could be used as an injectable cell delivery system with the potential to retain therapeutic cells in the target zone of a tissue or organ.

Multiple Uses

Our CapGel products can be used as a 3D cell culture matrix, tissue scaffold, or injectable stem cell delivery system.

3D Cell Culture Matrix

Cell Culture

Cells can be seeded both within and on CapGel scaffolds; oriented cell growth can be induced by CapGel’s unique microstructure. Oriented 3D cell growth is critical for creating tissues like bone and nerve.

Injectable Tissue Scaffold


CapGel materials can be injected into many target organs like brain or heart to promote tissue formation and influence healing and regeneration.

Injectable Cell Delivery


Therapeutic cells such as stem and progenitor cells can be combined with CapGel products prior to injection to improve delivery and retention of injected cells in target tissues and organs like the brain.

Unique Properties


Saisijin can individual adjust the structure to facilitate specific tissue engineering strategies

These unique materials are derived from self-assembled, anisotropic capillary alginate that possess a unique microstructure of regularly ordered, parallel capillary-like channels. Channel density is adjustable and channel diameters are narrowly distributed and can also be adjusted to facilitate specific tissue engineering strategies.